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ART EDITION: Cory Arcangel Ducati


Cory Arcangel Ducati Plotter drawing with hand colouring Edition of 50, signed and numbered 40.5 x 56 cm £300 (Members price £225)

To accompany the ICA’s survey of Richard Hamilton work Cory Arcangel has produced a limited edition print made on an old Plotter Machine, whereby motors draw a pen across the surface of a sheet of paper, taking commands from a software program. The result is distinct from an inkjet or laser-print. Surprisingly, given the robotic-like means of which it is made, it retains the hand-made feel of a painstakingly precise sketch. Arcangel has chosen the image of a racing motorcycle for this new print, which is individually finished by hand in colour.

The drawing is called Ducati and reflects on Hamilton’s installation Man, Machine and Motion (1955) which is comprised of photographic images of man at speed, height and depth – in cars, planes and underwater, presented in the ICA’s Lower Gallery. Arcangel says that the sports bike is a reflection of the “speed and style” that he sees in the work of Richard Hamilton.


About The Artist
Cory Arcangel (born 1978) is a Brooklyn, New York based post-conceptual artist most known for bringing his use of coding, obsolete hardware, hacker sensibilities and consumer software into the realm of the gallery. Ever since his work ‘Computer Mario Clouds’ was posted on YouTube, he has been recognised as one of the most interesting artists today making use of new digital technology and exploring its relationship with pop culture.



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