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Video: GalleryLOG presents Michael Goedhuis on Asian Artist Wei Ligang


GalleryLOG and Michael Goedhuis, have teamed up to bring you a fascinating 2 min video on artist Wei Ligang’s revolutionary pictorial language which will be on view until the 22nd of March at Asia Arts week New York located @Mallett 929 Madison Avenue, NYC

Artist Wei Ligang’s take on modern day China draws inspiration from the tradition of Chinese calligraphy. Just as Picasso and Cezanne studied Raphael, Poussin, Velazquez and others in order to create their revolutionary pictorial language, so the new literati are studying the Chinese masters in order to formulate their own revolution.

As Michael Goedhuis has been committed for thirty years to dealing in the finest works of Asian art with a major recent focus on Chinese Contemporary Ink Art, he is most definitely the educated gentleman to listen to and to watch.

Sit back and allow GalleryLOG’s calculated simplicity and eloquent delivery to evoke emotive viewing pleasure on all sensual levels. Check it out!

Asia Week New York 2014 is a nine-day celebration of Asian art throughout metropolitan New York, with non-stop exhibitions, auctions and special events presented by 47 leading international Asian art specialists, five major auction houses, and 19 museums and cultural institutions now in full swing until the 22nd of March

For more info on Asia Week New York go: HERE

For more info on GalleryLOG go: HERE

For more info on Wei Ligang go: HERE

For more info on Michael Goedhuis go: HERE



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