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ART OPENINGS: Londonart Presents ‘Abstractica’ Current trends in Abstraction. Private View Friday 7th March

Nicolas May

Detail Gavin Turk

Private View Friday7th March
Gallery opens daily from Saturday 8th March. 11am -7pm

‘Abstractica’ Current trends in Abstraction.

Tim Allen, Gavin Turk, Popadomanation, Nicholas May, Mark Hammond, Florence Losa, Claire Burke, Alex Calinescu, Martin Pette, Mark Firth, Brian Brooks, Memory Map, Matthew Radford, Simon Temblett, Frederic Chevarin, Alexis Harding, Eldi Dundee,David Stanley, Raul Pina and Tony Nonose.

‘Abstractica’ explores how abstract art can have many different forms including, sculpture, large canvas work, projections, installations, films and subtle concepts. Abstract art shows freedom and creativity, using form, shape, colour and context, to allow an insight into the artists’ world through subtle hints and unobvious concepts. It is an exploration of the soul which allows us to connect with the artist through their work.

“As long as it lasts” is a temporary exhibition space organised by Londonart.co.uk, the exhibition is open daily from 11am-7pm in a busy location next to East Dulwich train station.




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