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ArtOPENING: Jack Spencer Ashworth ‘Dichotomy @FramelessGallery Tuesday 4th February 2014

Jack Spencer Ashworth digitalin I pencilweb

Jack Spencer Ashworth Digital Haemorrhage II
Jack Spencer Ashworth Digital Haemorrhage II

4th – 14th February 2014 ?Frameless gallery, 20 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DP
Frameless Gallery is to host Jack Spencer Ashworth’s first solo exhibition, bringing together a mixture of new painting and drawing.

Jack’s work reflects the inherent tension between the human body and the man- made: from the spaces of architecture and the built environment to the virtual spaces of an increasingly digitilised world. The use of the grid suggests the imposition of a geometrical scheme on reality and the spatial restrictions have to be read as a metaphor of contemporary life. Bodies dissipated and abstracted within a geometric space provoke the viewer and provide a space for reflection upon one’s own experience of being in this world. D i c h o t o m y will be a unique opportunity to admire the duality of Jack Spencer Ashworth’s painterly world.




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