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Artist Opportunity : Saatchi Gallery/Online Launch NEW Art Competition

Saatchi Gallery, Saatchi Online and Winsor & Newton announce In Glorious Colour Showdown competition

The Saatchi Gallery and Saatchi Online in association with Winsor & Newton are delighted to announce In Glorious Colour Showdown competition Deadline – 3rd February 2014.

Throughout history, artists have been drawn to colour and have used it in a multitude of ways: to signify, to emphasize, to create depth, and to evoke a powerful mood or feeling either by focusing on the qualities of an individual colour or the intensity that can be achieved when using colours together.

Colour can be traced back to the earliest cave paintings where artists used earth minerals to record details of their life and has since inspired many styles of art, including Impressionism, Fauvism, Colour Field, Colour Photography, and De Stijl, and in modern and contemporary art, colour has often been the subject of a work.

The mid to late 18th century was a period of significant advances in the production of artists’ colours. Key colourmen from that period, such as Winsor & Newton, had a radical impact on artists’ work with their creation of a vast palette of colours, many of which are still used by artists today.

Given the powerful role colour has had in the history of art, In Glorious Colour Showdown competition is open to submissions in any medium and in any style which demonstrate colour as a major influence.

Showdown is a competition hosted by Saatchi Online for artists all over the world to showcase their work and be given the chance for it to be judged by internationally acclaimed artists and curators. It is also a great opportunity for collectors to discover emerging artists from around the world. Previous judges include Barnaby Furnas, Ged Quinn, Wangechi Mutu, Peter Coffin, Dexter Dalwood, Matthias Weischer and Chantal Joffe.

For In Glorious Colour, we are delighted to be partnering with Winsor & Newton, who have been making the finest art materials since the company was founded in 1832. The winner and runner-up of In Glorious Colour will receive art materials to the value of £1000 and £500 GBP respectively and The Showdown exhibition, featuring the work of the 10 finalists, will take place at Winsor & Newton’s gallery, the Griffin Gallery, in London from 20th March – 18th April and there will be a private view on 19 March from 6.30 – 8.30pm.




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