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Studio Visit with Naomi Doran by Encounter

Naomi Doran has previously been selected for the Aesthetica Art Prize and exhibited at Art Rio International Contemporary Art Fair. Doran’s practice grounds itself in the use of raw industrial materials which when manipulated create bold forms of great integrity. Doran’s simple aesthetic reflects a process of abstraction in which architectural and natural landscapes are condensed to their purest elements.

Naomi Doran All That Remains XII Concrete and Rusty Bolts Dimensions: 65 x 65 cm

Naomi Doran: Moss Green Remains 2013 50 x 50cm

‘My sculptural paintings incorporate solidified liquid concrete with corroded steel and patinated copper. By encouraging the processes of oxidation and corrosion I have succeeded in creating “living art” – paintings which evolve over time. In doing this I am able to enhance and emphasize the natural characteristics of the materials themselves. Intricate hairline fractures appear, rust grows, colours develop and transform. The outcome of this symbiotic process is therefore a collaboration between nature and myself, a product of my own design and the environment in which it is created.
It is through this process that I am able to discover and learn new ways of expression.’

– Naomi Doran

Doran’s artworks do not represent an endpoint for the landscape but a beginning. They transform space perpetually trembling on the edge of movement. Material concerns dictate; copper rusts, complex colours shift creating paintings which exist in a continuous state of flux. Doran is an artist working within the tradition of the Spatialism and the automatist painting of the Abstract Expressionism. Yet her direct and uncompromising response to the contemporary landscape defines her as an artist entirely relevant to the present.



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