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Encounter Fine Art a NEW Contemporary Art Platform for London Launches

Sung Feel Yun Chaos,Cosmos and Circulation 13, 190x190cm, Steel Powder on Canvas, 2010

Founded by young art market entrepreneurs Alexander Caspari and Jordan Harris Encounter Fine Art is an exciting new mediator between artist and audience. Working with established and emerging artists EFA aims to bring audiences closer to high quality, critically selected artwork. A critical arbiter of the contemporary the company specialises in the creation of co-existing digital and physical market spaces. This dynamic combination allows EFA to successfully operate within the rapidly expanding online art market as well as extending the traditions of the white cube gallery.

The company’s diverse inventory ranges from floor to ceiling sculptures by Peter Randall –Page, to the intriguing motion-activated magnet installations of Korean artist Sung Feel Yun. By demystifying the process of purchasing, renting and commissioning contemporary art, EFA is able to create a democratic space for artists and collectors alike.

Encounter Fine Art places artwork in uniquely curated spaces including Michelin starred restaurants, private members clubs and industrial warehouses. This allows everyone from art-enthusiasts to discerning collectors to extend their ‘encounter’ with art.




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