VIDEO Interview with New Sensations Winner Jack Stanton

New Sensations 2013 – Jack Stanton from Saatchi Art on Vimeo.

Jack Stanton Oxford University – The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art Fine Art BA Born 1989.

I am an artist, musician and videographer.

I graduated from The Ruskin this year and am continuing to seek an effective hybridity between these three fields.

My work often involves narratives of adolescence; my personal interpretations of formative archetypes set against commonly received ideas as presented by mass meda.

I use a combination of found and self-generated imagery in my video work. This methodology of employing elements from broadcast media and the internet continues in my audio. I typically compose original audio for my pieces around morsels of sampled material.

Performance plays a large part in my practice. I use my body and voice as means to directly inhabit the work.

See Jacks Degree Show HERE

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