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THE FESTIVAL OF INDEPENDENTS Publication Lunch Party @CharlieDutton Gallery Thursday 12th September 6-9pm @

1a Princeton Street, London WC1R 4AX www.charlieduttongallery.com

The Festival of Independents is a celebration of independent artist-run spaces that are run by Cambodian, Myanmar and Vietnamese nationals. Through a nine-day rolling performance, Charlie Dutton Gallery will be transformed into nine different installations, conceptualized and communicated to the gallery via email, fax or surface mail by these artist-run spaces and their associated artists. These installations will offer visitors an unmediated insight into current grass roots thinking and visual art practice in each country.

The Festival of Independents is a collaboration between these artist-run spaces, Charlie Dutton Gallery and Project ‘petit a’. The aim is to highlight how these nationals are working to develop a contemporary scene of artists, creating art that is connected to the cultural traditions and their personal history of growing up, living and working in Cambodia, Myanmar or Vietnam.

New Zero Art Space (Yangon, Burma), Make Maek (Battambang Cambodia),Trotchaek Pneik (Phnom Penh, Cambodia),eNAME (Hanoi, Vietnam),Flyingbay(Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam),Zero Station (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

A final publication documenting the communications and the performance will be released in a private view closing ceremony on Thursday 12th of September 6-9pm




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