VIDEO: Conrad Shawcross – Timepiece @RoundhouseLDN Opening This week

1st – 25th August
Time: a familiar framework for all our lives, but a fundamentally peculiar concept. Timepiece is a major new installation that encourages us to take a fresh look at something we all take for granted.

Suspended above the Roundhouse’s epic Main Space will be a vast 8-metre faceless clock, a spectacular light sculpture that will flood the space with intricate layers of light and shadow. Responding to the building’s circular shape and 24 towering support pillars, the building itself will become the Timepiece, allowing us all to see time in a different way.

I wanted to try to make the familiar the peculiar again; to turn time and the clock back into the celestial, primeval experience that it once was for us all

Conrad Shawcross

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Conrad Shawcross: Turning a tramshed into a timepiece : Daily Telegraph

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