Tabish’s Top 5 Art Exhibitions to see this week

Every Monday Tabish Khan will be bringing you five exhibitions that you should visit during the week each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether its for you ..

1. History Interrupted by McCrow @ Oxo gallery:
Review: Art made from AK47s makes a bold political statement

empty set
2. The Empty Set @ Maria Stenfors:
Review: Paranoia takes hold when your neighbours have guns

jamil naqsh
3. Jamil Naqsh: The Painted Word @ Albemarle Gallery:
Review: Islamic calligraphy meets pop art colours.

ruth claxton
4. Ruth Claxton @ Pippy Houldsworth:
Review: Light and mirrors make for an eye-catching installation

friends of london
5. Friends of London @ David Roberts Art
Review: A pool table in a gallery is a brilliant idea

Words: Tabish Khan
Join The Debate: Is there a correct way to review Art ?

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