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Magic Under A Moonless Sky an exhibition of new works by Kevin Quigley

Wednesday 10TH July – Sunday July 14th 2013 BURGH HOUSE New End Square Hampstead London NW3 1LT

‘Let Mankind then contemplate the whole of nature; the infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.’
Blaise Pascal

There is magic in the world…

…even though we tend to live in a world increasingly fascinated by the idea of ‘civilization’, sometimes we can still be drawn to the allure of the primitive – to the darker nature of reality that dwells in the imagination through eons of existence. We can still contemplate the mysterious; the otherness of our place in the universe / nature / home.

MAGIC UNDER A MOONLESS SKY brings together a body of new work that allows the viewer to dream into an uncanny otherness, to merge oneself into a romanticised half-light.

Artist Kevin Quigley has been inspired by THE ANCIENTS (Samuel Palmer, John Varley, Edward Calvert) a band of artists that followed the mystic painter William Blake on walks around the Hampstead Hills, a band of artists who like Blake, were inspired to paint ‘Visionary Landscapes’ full of magic and wonder.

Special Preview Event Monday 8TH July* 6.30PM – 8.30PM
(*on the night of a new moon (a moonless sky)
With live-art performance – LORE Reflections and Whispers from the Shadow
Featuring performers John Dunning, Warren Conlon, Pol Mclernon

Private View Wednesday 10th July 6.30PM – 8.30PM
With a special performance / sound installation in Burgh House’s 17TH Century music room
Artist Bjorn Hatleskog will present his sound installation D.V.M.A. The installation will be accompanied by live musicians Colin Webster and Jussi Brightmore.

About the Artist
Kevin Quigley is a London based artist and musician whose ongoing work studies and explores the esoteric – inspired by combining the methods and processes of performance based work, with printmaking and painting.

His past shows and exhibits including a curated event ‘On Spiritualism’ where he performed and devised ‘Traversing the Spirit’, a live-art performance piece based on the infernal journey of Dante; and ‘New Lexicons of Dark’, an group exhibition of over 20 artists exploring notions of darkness in contemporary art.

Current music projects include Mysterium, a musical collective that performs and provokes the imagery of chosen paintings. He is also is a member of ASTEROID, an improvising musical collective that play sci-fi inspired sounds and music.

He previously curated the ICA’s monthly music podcast, The Experiment, for three years, and conceived and produced An Echoing Bell, for the Whitechapel Gallery, in collaboration with the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and musicians Charles Hayward and Orphy Robinson.


LORE: performers
John Harris Dunning is a writer. His graphic novel ‘Salem Brownstone’ is available in the UK and US, and he has also written for the likes of Dazed, iD, Metro and The Guardian.

Pol McLernon is a northern irish born artist, raised on lough neaghs waters. An artist and musician, participant in the research architecture program at goldsmiths where he has initiated ‘Low Intensity Operations’.

Warren Colon performer/ musician is plugging away at the coal face of the Now Tunnel with a mixture of explosives (https://vimeo.com/60787630), and glue in these bright days of necessity and acceleration.

Bjorn Hatleskog sound installation: D.V.M.A. (Discount Viscount Miscount Account) 2013
Bjorn Hatleskog is an artist and musician whose primary inspiration is musical instruments and the paraphernalia of musical performance.

By taking peripheral elements and equipment such as guitar hardware/mic stands/flight cases/cables/speakers/ stage lighting – Bjorn constructs and deconstructs around these peripheral elements to form and bring new life as sculptural works.

His particular interest is to see how musical equipment can be taken out of context and (re)organised and structured into weird conventions, to watch with glee and to produce a new theatric or fetishisation of the object.

Bjorn’s semiautonomous musical instrumentation focuses on the kind of noise or undesirable sounds – clicks, hums, buzzes; swirls of sound that conventional instrument designers would seek to remove! www.adaadat.co.uk

Jussi Brightmore is a musician and an artist who plays in of the experimental avant rock band GUM TAKES TOOTH. Jussi also performs solo and in various improvisational musical projects. www.gumtakestooth.com www.jussibrightmore.com

Colin Webster is a saxophonist from London who has performed with some of the key figures in free jazz and improvised music, including Archie Shepp, Joe Bowie, Steve Noble and Alex Ward. Colin has recorded 4 albums and toured extensively with poet Anthony Joseph, and also recorded 3 albums of improvised music with drummer Mark Holub. Colin is also involved in other projects including electro band Chik Budo, a solo record, and various collaborations with like-minded souls from all over the world.



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The exhibition, featuring the work of  38 international artists, explores the intent to generate new relations between objects and their associations with the world around them. The works include ceramics, sculptures, installations, drawings, paintings, performance and more.

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