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Finish Fetish at The Residence Gallery Private view Friday 8th February 2013

CLIVE HANZ HANCOCK, “Kynyav” (Autumn) mixed media, 20.3cm x 20.3cm

PATRICK MORRISSEY, “Two People in a Room” acrylic on canvas, 142.7cm x 213.4cm, 2011

BEN GOODING, “1221” scored copper, 50cm x 50cm, 2012

9th February – 24th March 2013 Residence Gallery 229 Victoria Park Road London UK E9 7HD

“FINISH FETISH”, explores process, perception and polished surfaces in a post-­?minimal present. This is a follow-­?up exhibition to the gallery’s 2013 London Art Fair Project stand featuring BEN GOODING, CLIVE HANZ HANCOCK & PATRICK MORRISSEY.

“Finish Fetish,” is a phrase associated with the 1960’s/70’s minimalist art movement,
where the high sheen of artwork compared to bright buffed-­?out hot rods. Majority of works often used materials such as plastic, glass, light and resin creating shiny, smooth, hand crafted surfaces of physical and metaphysical reflection. This aesthetic continues to thrive today with its focus on surface, colour, and light. This exhibition engages with minimalist impulse from a 21st century British perspective.

More Info: www.residence-gallery.com/



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