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Ira Eduardovna + Heeseop Yoon NOTHING SOUND IN IT AND NOTHING TRUE Art Opening Thursday, September 6th at ArtGate Gallery

ArtGate Gallery is to present NOTHING SOUND IN IT AND NOTHING TRUE, a two person show featuring Ira Eduardovna and Heeseop Yoon. Eduardovna and Yoon examine changes in perception and memory through their video and drawing installations. The show will run from September 6th through September 29th.

Ira Eduardovna was born in the USSR and immigrated to Israel at age ten. Born under a failing communist regime and escaping to yet another conflict-ridden region, her childhood was full of turmoil. Eduardovna, who is now based in New York, recreates and deconstructs her childhood memories in her autobiographical videos which often star herself and her family. Her movies feature repetitive motions and shifting perspectives, often lacking a sense of closure. Her videos are vague: both the viewer and the subjects remain unidentified, the actions are unexplained, creating a sense of mystery and leaving things open for interpretation.

Heeseop Yoon’s process begins with a photograph of a cluttered interior. She then constructs a view from her photographs and draws her subject matter freehand, using narrow black masking tape as her main tool. Rather than correcting any mistakes, she simply creates new lines that overlap with the errors. The multiple lines reflect how Yoon’s perception changes over time. The result is a large scale clutter of lines that intersect and cross over at random spots yet join together to create a paradoxically realistic chaos.

While the events of our past never change, our memories are being constantly altered with the passage of time. New experiences provide a new lens to look back on the past, creating multiple realities out of a fixed point in time. Ira Eduardovna and Heeseop Yoon record their personal changes with their boundary-pushing installations depicting something that once was as how they see it now.

ArtGate Gallery 520W 27th St, Suite 101 New York, NY 10001 artgateny.com/



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