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Interactive Art with buildings: Paul Notzold Txtual healing

All images courtesy the artist and via designboom

New York-based artist Paul Notzold is exhibiting his ongoing work ‘TXTual healing’ as part of Wooster Collective’s Sheboygan project.

The concept has been taken worldwide, where Notzfold uses public facades of buildings as a canvas for people to make their own content for projected speech bubbles. The artwork is a platform for spontanous dialogue, with projections above figures or next to windows with which people are able to text in a conversation.

Using mobile phones people in the street send an SMS to a provided phone number that automatically and unfiltered goes up in the bubble. The posting takes about 20 secs at most and the messages line up in a queue. For more images and a video visit designboom

The Sheboygan project is on now till August 2013.



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