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The Timeknowledge Continuum at Hoxton Art Gallery Private view Thursday 19th July 2012


The Timeknowledge Continuum Steven Dickie
20th July 2012 – 16th August 2012

The Timeknowledge Continuum offers for the first time a theory conceived by artist Steven Dickie, which unifies time and knowledge into a single continuum. Combining everything that can ever be known, the theory proposes that all possible knowledge across the whole of time can at one stage combine and be accessed. This exhibition explores the implications of this theorem and invites its further definition.

The exhibition will include a large-scale wall drawing on the entire upper floor of the gallery that represents the structure and theory of Timeknowledge. On the lower ground floor there will be a selection of prints, sculpture and video which will explore the consequences of Timeknowledge. In addition to this there will be a performance evening programmed by curator Tim Dixon and an evening of film and video screenings on the first Thursday of August.

‘Establishing the term ‘Timeknowledge’ is the first step in the trajectory to all knowledge. By merging time and knowledge into a single manifold, it is anticipated that methods for accessing the content of Timeknowledge will be stimulated.’ – Steven Dickie

Curated by Steven Dickie and Lydia Cowpertwait




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