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Volunteers wanted for Terry Smith’s performance ‘Combine’ at V22 in June 2012

Experimental Art School are looking for volunteers who would like to participate in Terry Smith’s upcoming performance ‘Combine’ at V22 (in performance or music). Experience unnecessary but enthusiasm essential. Three workshop days: 2nd, 9th and 16th June both Saturday. And also for the Friday 22nd June final rehearsal and performance.

email: info@experimentalartschool.com


“COMBINE  The site and physical situation are the most important conditions from which I construct a work. I have no interest in the history of the building, which is just anecdotal and not relevant, it is the building itself as material that excites me.

Sometimes I name a work in advance, as in this instance to introduce myself to some concerns or issues that I might play with and to set some parameters or givens which allows me the opportunity find a direction and also change my mind about everything.

Combine is constructed in a different way to other performance works I have made, treating it almost like a painting; a detail in one place changes something somewhere else, this is a work developed specifically for V22.

This is the first time I have introduced dance directly into a work. As well as the visual and acoustic properties of V22, I will also borrow ideas from Rauschenberg, Cunningham and Cage as well as the work of Pina Bausch.

Combine was coined by Robert Rauschenberg to describe works, which combined painting with objects to make works that were neither painting nor sculpture. He was also influential in sound and performance, working with the Merce Cunningham Company as a designer and then moving onto making his own theatrical works.

Combine is made in collaboration with the renowned British Composer Ian Dearden, who has sound designed works by Stockhausen and Steve Reich as well as his own compositions, with the Italian Choreographer Paola Piccato, who has studied in Turin and at the Laban Centre, London and Fari Bradley who is an Iranian-born journalist and electronic musician now living in London, and an active member of London’s acclaimed ResonanceFM experimental radio station.”

– Terry Smith 2012


For more information please visit:



Or to get involved: info@experimentalartschool.com



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