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ART BOOKS: Michael Petry : Identity|Identiteetti + One Spirit Showcase Photographic Diary



Identity|Identiteetti is edited by Dr Michael Petry with Eliza Bonham-Carter and Pilvi Kalhama and looks at how identity is treated by visual artists in the 21st Century? It brings together images from two exhibitions by professional artists and students of the Royal Academy Schools and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (KUVA), and texts presented at a series of symposia at both Academies and Goldsmiths College.

Artists: Per Christian Brown, Joanna Bryniarska, Ellen Cantor, Mara Castilho, Maria Chevska, Erika Erre, Sunil Gupta, Alex Hoda, Natsue Ikeda, Eemil Karila, Ida Koitila, Jukka Korkela, Alana Lake, Matts Leiderstam, Hanna Marno, Shaheen Merali, Hayley Newman, Robert Pratt, Topi Ruotsalainen, Catherine Story, Marinna Uutinen
Texts : N. Alice Challinor, Richard Dyer, Pilvi Kalhama, Dr Jerzy J. Kierkuc-Bielinski
Dr Michael Petry, Dr Annamari Vänskä
ISBN: 978-0-9569116-0-5, 160 colour pages, £10 +pp

One Spirit Showcase Photographic Diary documents the work of three former students who partook in a photography residency. The project was co-ordinated by Futurecity and sponsored by Hines, and the students had an opportunity to document the demolition and rebuilding of new offices at One Grafton Street. They were merely asked to look and more importantly to see. It was up to them how they responded. They each underwent safety instruction and were let loose, so to speak. The book documents their efforts.
Artists: Dzenana Hozic, Alana Lake, Kraig Wilson
ISBN:978-0-9557699-9-3, , 64 colour pages, £5 +pp

Download the ebooks here:
One Spirit Showcase Photographic Diary
Alex Hoda, Armband, 2007, foam, latex, plastic, pva, rubber

Ellen Cantor, Pinochet Porn, 2011, film still

Hanna Marno, Tragedy in coral, 2008, plastic cast, painted and lacquered with car paint. Size 5

Mara Castilho, Fool me with the truth, 2010, c-print

Matts Leiderstam, Selbstbildnis, 2002, c- photo

Natsue Ikeda, Academy, 2007, pencil. guache. Pastel on paper, frames

Sunil Gupta, Mr Malhotra’s Party-Diepiriye, 2007, archival ink jet print    



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