PREVIEW: Music for Systems / Systems for Music, Thursday 3rd May 2012 @ Devereux pub

Music for Systems/ Systems for Music

Art meets sound

Technology has changed the way we produce music.  So how are complex, procedure-based systems changing the current and future landscape of musical composition?

We’re pleased to announce that our next talk and discussion event will explore this concept through the collaborative work of James Bulley (composer, producer and sonic artist) Daniel Jones (artist, composer and software engineer).

Their systems-based sound installations develop generative music with a sculptural, physical presence.

In Music for Systems/Systems for Music, they present two perspectives on their collaborative work:  firstly, the challenge of designing automated systems to produce music which continues to sound organic and human;  and secondly, the challenge of composing music for a system whose outcome is indeterminate and unpredictable.

Come and explore this emerging field of music, art and technology, and join the discussion with James and Daniel, in the relaxed atmosphere of the Devereux pub.

James Bulley is currently working as a producer with Fred Deakin, and previous collaborations have included a 9-channel 29 piano field recording installation in the Queen Elizabeth Hall entitled Equal Temperance.

Daniel Jones creates generative audio-visual works based on biological phenomena. Part of a body of research towards a PhD in complex systems dynamic, his previous work includes co-ordinating and developing the technical infrastructure for The Fragmented Orchestra, winner of the prestigious PRS Foundation New Music Award 2008.

For further information on James’s and Daniel’s work, and on this event:

Images – all credit Daniel Jones and David Bulley

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Ben Austin studied History of Art at Reading University. He started Catto Contemporary in Shoreditch where he was responsible for helping to launch the careers of several artists and showed Anthony Micallef and Banksy in a curated exhibition entitled ‘Perverse Pop’ back in 2001. Austin has worked at Art Review, before setting himself up as an independent curator and through Austin Enterprises he staged the legendary Frieze opening night show/party entitled ‘Decadence, Decay and the Demimonde’ at Home House in 2007, which featured art on loan from the Saatchi Gallery (Marcus Harvey, Liz Neal and Barry Reigate). He has also curated exhibition at the Blouin Foundation – ‘After Dark’ series, featuring acclaimed artists such as Alice Anderson. He has been on the judging panel for the ‘Young Masters’ prize. More recently he curated ‘Art Britannia’ during Miami Basel featuring a collection of contemporary British artists and acted as the initial curator and advisor the The Dot Project Gallery in Fulham. Ben Austin acts as an art advisor and dealer. He writes for numerous publications including Artlyst and FAD.

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