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Cafe hosts art therapy sessions and uses products created


Cafe Therapy in the Czech Republic is offering art therapy sessions as a way for addicts to deal with their dependencies, while using the crockery they create to serve food.

The Prague eatery has made connections with the local SANANIM aftercare centre, whereby those in treatment or rehabilitation can attend ceramics and candle-making workshops as art therapy sessions. The scented candles they produce during these classes are then sold in the café shop, while any pieces of crockery are used for serving customers. Aiming to provide a place of repose for recovering addicts as well as a way to ease them into employment by selling their art, Cafe Therapy also provides a way for customers to know their money is going towards a good cause. The premises hosts a private conference room which can be booked out for public or private occasions. Although designed with recovering addicts in mind, the restaurant is open to everybody. It offers newspapers, wifi connection and a non-smoking atmosphere, as well as a children’s play area.




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