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FRIENDS & FAMILY Curated by Adrian (15), Kai (14) and Kenny Schachter Private View and Music Performances Saturday, Feb 25th




Gabrielle Schachter Untitled II

February 25th – April 15th, 2012
They say you don’t choose your family and were they ever right, considering our parents, brothers, sisters (and kids). Like the invite/catalogue image itself, family and friends bring to mind rawness, commitment, love, pain and happiness.

F & F are the best of times and the worst all wrapped up into one. Above all this show will celebrate the joy and fun involved in making things created by people we really care about and appreciate. It’s a thrill to have the opportunity to present a platform to share it all with a wider audience. For us, it is about the interconnectedness of families through art; it’s a shared language and a way of life that we can jointly pursue and experience together.

Adrian states: Ever since I can remember, I knew that I wanted to be somehow involved in art. I grew up constantly surrounded by it, both my parents are involved in it and, ironically enough, a large number of my friends are also into it. After working at The Brant Foundation in Connecticut over the summer of 2011, and hearing (too) many stories about curating from my Dad, I knew I had to try it myself.

Says Kai: What we are trying to do is mix the old and the new, the young and the aged, the established and the under established. The result is being able to determine if and what you like in the wide mix of works on show, without having to rely on the opinions of others. There are great stories of art world family dynasties and mini-dynasties, like the Nahmads, Rubells, Berggruens, Mugrabis, Brants, Schnabels, and Jacobsons. They are all legendary and heroic and have vastly contributed to the history of art and this exhibit.

We are so excited to present our own works and more from our family mechanic and facebook friends come-to-life, to Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. Everyone in our family seems to think this project was her or his idea, from 9 to 50 year old, but we all agree it should be an epic undertaking. From cars, chairs, paintings to kids, all on exhibit in this show, we tend not to make distinctions; there are no hierarchies between art and any part of our lives.

An illustrated catalogue with essays by Helly Nahmad, Allison Brant, and Scott Jacobson will accompany the exhibit.

Artists: Stuart Gurr, Rachel Harrison, Ricci Albenda, Rob Pruitt, Brian Clarke, Zaha Hadid, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Keith Tyson, Barry Reigate, Robert Chambers, Maria Pergay, Arik Levy, Martin Usborne, Tom Dixon, Vito Acconci, Franz West, George Condo, Josh Smith, Joe Bradley, Paul Thek, Sigmar Polke, William Pope. l, Marc Newson, Richard Artschwager, Peter Hujar, Misaki Kawai, Brendan Cass, Richard Woods, Donald Baechler, Keith Coventry, Lars Whelan, Hester Finch, Cain Caser, Muir Vidler, Jasper Joffe & Harry Pye, John Isaacs, Keith Coventry, Marianne Vitale, Simon English, Rod Clark, Mary Heilmann, and Adrian, Kai, Gabriel, Sage and Kenny Schachter, Ilona Rich, Kevbe Otobo, Tom Gould, Harry Rüdham, Alfie Caine, George Morony, Eleni Khouri, Tom Harwood, Ollie Wink, Antonia Osgood, Louis Norman, Matilda Wyman, Jessy Wyman, Katie Wyman, Calum Knight, Eugenie Clive-Worms, and Ishan Kapoor.

Performers: Liz and the Ligers, Richard Kilstock, Rebecca Shamoon, Raff Law, George Gardner, Timmy Delaney and Jonah Freud.




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