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six / eleven | Geoff Bartholomew | Future Map 11

The ongoing body of work Postal Service depicts and abstracts a spatial journey, taking a documentary process to produce an abstract, with a focus on process. Each image is produced as a pinhole camera journeys through the postal system, en-route to collectors and exhibitions and upon arrival, the parcel’s pre-determined recipient stops the panoptic exposure.

The by-product of this frenetic system are paper negatives which record the differing spatial relationships they encounter. In this way the final destination becomes part of the realised piece, the trajectory and the journey marking the paper. Each tangible piece is unique to its meanderings, and as a consequence each paper depiction and any material defects remain testament to its preparation, and subsequent journey.

Bartholomew’s work is concerned with transformation of spaces, of multiple perspectives and view points rendered into a single image. Another series of works, Interstices, takes high-rise buildings as a point of departure. Shooting eight different aspects of each commercial structure, these have then been amalgamated to create one fraught and complex structure, within one frame. Of these pieces, Bartholomew says, “here the act of circumnavigating suffocates, and asserts a shrouded incoherence to these hubs of global transaction. The various angles of view held on each composite print coax the viewer to decipher architectural details held amongst the clashing, reconstructed forms.”

Future Map 11 opens on January 12th at the Zabludowicz Collection and will showcase the best talent from 2011 University of the Arts degree shows, as selected by a guest panel of industry leaders. 30 creative talents for the future will form the exhibition, with one winning the Zabludowicz Future Map Prize.



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