Gripping Short Films and Intriguing Environments win Laure Provost the Max Mara Art Prize for Women

MOTINTERNATIONAL artist Laure Prouvost has won the Max Mara art prize for women for her ‘gripping short films and intriguing environments’

Courtesy of the artist; Motinternational

Chosen from a shortlist of female artists Sparticus Chetwynd, Christina Mackie, Avis Newman and Emily Wardil by a judging panel chaired by Whitechapel Gallery director Iwona Blazwick and consisting of artist Lisa Milroy, collector Muriel Salem, gallerist Amanda Wilkinson and art crtitic Gilda Williams.

In the new year Laure will undertake a six-month residency in Italy,  of this residences, Iwona Blazwick says “It will be of immense interest to see how literary, cinematic and visual cultures of Italy will impact on her work,” The work produced in Italy will be exhibited in the Whitechapel gallery in 2013 and at the Maramotti Collection in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

‘Ideally these few words would express how pleased I am to win this award – it will be very interesting for me to work in another cultural environment and for the work to be challenged and grow out of this context. It will give me a really long period away from distractions to build on and develop new work. It is a real endorsement of what I do and I am very glad that the judges are supporting my practice’.

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