Closing Finissage at Sluice Art Fair | 7 – 9 tonight

Sluice Art Fair will close its inaugural year with a Finissage party.

Performances will come form Ana ?avi? and Renée O’Drobinak: a performative press duo that re-imagines the role of the publisher and the publicist into a theatrical persona. Their decidedly multifarious practice involves mincing together print and performance in impromptu settings, often with unexpected results—in print, but not necessarily printed. Their work, on or off the page, enacts a ‘press’ through a multitude of guises, reinterpreting the act of “pressing” in an ongoing series of performances that play on the rules and roles of publishing, engage with a readymade idea of press and locate it firmly in contemporary art practice.

LIVE PRESS! is a living, on-going documentation made in situ, and an alternative A5 exhibition site that fits snugly into your bag. Created from a simple setup of a scanner, a camera, laptops and our household printers, we are open to both pre-event and on-site submissions from exhibitors, performers, and visitors alike.

Alongside this, artists Simon Linington & William Mackrell will be performing Take Two via a live streaming video link from their studio during the private view

About Rachel Bennett

Rachel Bennett is a writer based in London. From 2012–2019, she lived in the UAE where she wrote on art, culture, and urbanism, especially in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Before that, she spent five curious years speculating wild futures, developing brands and strategies for luxury projects.

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