Is it Art? | Antony Gormley, Ralph Rugoff, Chris Dercon, Jon Snow, Roger Cardinal, Alice Anderson discuss at The Museum of Everything | Friday at 4.30pm

Antony Gormley! Ralph Rugoff! Chris Dercon! Jon Snow! Roger Cardinal! Alice Anderson! Today at 4.30 head to The Museum of Everything for its first ever heavyweight grappling match, where the mighty men of art – & one woman – shall wrestle The Museum of Everything to the ground in a feisty salon debate on the nature of the work which we show.

Hosted by those leaders of the free world, Intelligence Squared, the afternoon shall focus on the self-taught & unintentional artists presented in Exhibition #4 & Exhibition #4.1, their relationship to contemporary art practices, whether they still represent a challenge to art history, theory & curation or whether they are simply art.

Participants include: that superstar of the South Bank, Ralph Rugoff, director of the Hayward Gallery; the brand new & remarkably curious Chris Dercon, director of Tate Modern; the pioneering art historian Roger Cardinal who invented the term outsider art & who perhaps will claim it back on stage; a force of nature & Britain’s greatest sculptor, our hero Antony Gormley; the brilliant, insightful & prolific contemporary artist, Alice Anderson; & our grand inquisitor, Channel 4 News‘ legendary embodiment in human form, Jon Snow.

Tickets are £7.50 in advance, £10 on the door.

About Rachel Bennett

Rachel Bennett is a writer and cultural producer based in London. From 2012–2019, she lived in the UAE where she wrote on art, culture, and urbanism, especially in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Before that, she spent five curious years speculating wild futures, developing brands and strategies for luxury projects.

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