GO DO: LAST DAY of 100percent Design

Today is the final day of the design show which kicked it all off 17 years ago. The leading (and first) contemporary design event at Earls Court is a haven of design, and every year attracts industry leaders to its three integrated shows, with 100%Design showcasing furniture, products and interiors, 100%Futures giving a platform to the emerging talent of the future and 100%Materials.

There is so much to see, and it’s open to the public today, until 5. FAD rounds up just three of the show highlights below, which is really a tiny tiny amount of all that there is to see…

Chillie’s stand demonstrates startling uniformity, utilising wood throughout. The effects achieved with this natural material are astonishing, the quality of the wood being transformed into shapes which break up the light to beautiful effect.

You can’t fail to be impressed by the twisting, turning labyrinth of brass pipes that make up ‘The Golden Horns’, a work of sculptural magnificence currently on display at 100% Design. The piece was commissioned by Nef (who are typically known in real estate development) in order to highlight the fact that at the company’s heart it is making design, rather than subdividing it in the way it is frequently accused.

At stand X75 you’ll find Corita Rose’s kitsch heraldic fabric designs. Popping with colour and printed on velvet, the designs are wonderfully anachronistic. The strong imagery and vivid colours transform furniture and vary from traditional pattern repeats to large and small-scale, individually designed panels of fabric which transform pieces into something strangely timeless, absolutely modern but somehow traditional.

Centre piece to the stand is an exhibit from the festival of Britain show in 1951, a leather boxer whose condition has deteriorated. Now donning Corita Rose fabric, restored to a new lease of life. Another lovely anachronism, there is nothing which resembles the festival of Britain colours about these vivid designs.

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