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All my lines in then palm of your hand: Michael Landy for Art on the Underground


A new work by artist Michael Landy, All my lines in the palm of your hand, the latest artist commission by Art on the Underground for the front cover of the Pocket Tube Map, is now available from Tube stations.

The work is a tracing of the artist’s own hand in pencil; the creases and lines of the hand are represented by lines drawn in the various colours of the Tube map. In this way, Landy makes a direct relationship between ‘the artist’s hand’ and the Pocket Tube Map. We can read his palm and see how his personal journeys have left their mark there. Reproduced as a pocket artwork for millions of Tube travellers to hold in the palm of their own hands, the work has a humorous yet uncanny quality.

Head of Art on the Underground, Tamsin Dillon, said: “I like the way that Landy brings us back to the physical workings of the Tube Map. His reference to the way that people write on their hands as an aid memoire is very much in contrast to current handheld technology – like GPS and Google Maps. We like to provide travel information to passengers in as many different formats as possible. The Pocket Tube Map is a traditional, ‘hands-on’ guide, which is still a great way to get around the London Underground system.”

The presentation of this new work coincides with Michael Landy’s project for the Central line series, Acts of Kindness. To find out more and to tell us your story of kindness on the Tube visit Art on the Underground



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