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Deloitte Ignite 2011 Curated By Mike Figgis Just Tell The Truth at Royal Opera house

Deloitte Ignite 2011 Curated By Mike Figgis
Just Tell The Truth Unveiling of programme 2, 3, 4 September 2011

Deloitte Ignite returns for its fourth year with a contemporary arts festival curated by internationally renowned director Mike Figgis. English film director, composer and writer Mike Figgis, whose prolific career includes such significant films as Leaving Las Vegas, Internal Affairs and Timecode, brings a wide cultural collective of artists featuring designers, musicians, comedians, writers, film makers, composers and performers to populate the Royal Opera House, all with the one single goal, to ‘Just Tell the Truth’ through their own medium.

A weekend packed with artistic exchanges, conflicting views and probing ideas
about the world today will be shared not just on-site at the Royal Opera House, but also through online, social media platforms. It’s a dynamic festival for a contemporary world with a global reach.

In Mike’s own words…

‘I’m bringing together a cross-section of the cultural community for a weekend of aesthetic intercourse that will be shared with the public. The individuals taking part are from a wide vista: dance (flamenco and contemporary), film, philosophy, performance art, fashion, photography and politics. I’m intrigued to know what we all think about the state of the culture that we all exist in.

For me, much of it is a mess, reduced to a very low level by the media and the internet. And yet I constantly am discovering little gems, and my faith in humanity is still entirely positive.

Over the three days we will be able to listen to interesting opinions, watch stunning performances, take in a large number of video films and get a sense of what is happening at the cutting-edge of fashion and across the art world.’
Mike Figgis.

Opening Deloitte Ignite will be Matthew Herbert’s intriguing ONE PIG Live Show. ONE PIG is the story of a single farm animal from birth to death and beyond. This elegy to an otherwise anonymous farm animal’s life is a beautiful and compelling account which prompts questions and insight into the presence of an animal so commonly underestimated, under-appreciated and unacknowledged in our society. Using a brand new musical instrument – the meat harp, along with instruments made from his One Pig, Matthew and his band will retell One Pig’s story in a live show complete with live audio-visual composition and on-stage

As in the past, the Paul Hamlyn Hall is the focal point for the festival. The daytime events feature performances and appearances from jazz saxophonist Peter King, pianist and recording artist Rosey Chan, Fashion designer Alber Elbaz, choreographer Ann Van Der Broek, cognitive neuroscientist Professor Vincent Walsh, contemporary art curator, critic and historian Hans Ulrich Obrist, Film director and actor Elia Sulieman, sculptor Richard Wentworth, journalist and presenter Jon Snow and English pop artist Peter Blake among others as they present their provocations around the theme of Truth.

Over the weekend, there will also be screenings of exclusively filmed interviews by Mike Figgis talking to John Berger, Marina Abramovic, Paul Auster, Siri Hustvedt and
David Lynch. Into the evening the Paul Hamlyn Hall will be filled by the sounds of the festival’s resident musicians and singers, People Band and London Contemporary Orchestra and Phil Minton’s Feral Voices.

The award winning writer and comic Mark Thomas will host Saturday evening in the Linbury Studio Theatre, taking the audience on a remarkable and personal journey into the world of opera and his relationship with his father. British Singer-songwriter and arranger Mara Carlyle will be the support act. The Linbury Studio Theatre will also host one of the most prominent Flamenco dancers of our time, Eva Yerbabuena. Continuing the dance theme, there will be two featured
performances, the first from contemporary dancer Laura Caldow, who together with Mike Figgis is reworking a scene from Ingmar Bergman’s Persona.

The second dance piece will be Co(te)lette performed by WArd/ward, choreographed by Ann Van den Broek.

Boudicca aka partners Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby will take over the Clore, transforming it from its daily use as a rehearsal studio into their very own Deloitte Ignite fashion house where festival goers are invited to drop in and work with them as they create continually evolving couture. The Crush Room will be the home of cinema where there is an opportunity to see Mike Figgis’s favourite cinematic greats.

There will also be an opportunity to explore the rest of the Royal Opera House. The Lambert Studio will house the Room of Quotations, an installation featuring selected pieces that explore the nature of Truth.

Tucked away in the Supper Rooms will be Mike Figgis’s selection of his own films, rare work, personal work and possibly unseen work as well as a Guy Bourdin installation edited by Mike. In The Link will be a stunning new commission from Duncan MacAskill that will be created over the length of the festival, and popping up elsewhere in the building will be choral singing from the internationally renowned Phil Minton’s Feral Voices.

Deloitte Ignite will be a provocative festival asking questions about our society and how it is represented through all these different art forms. ‘Telling the Truth’ is very pertinent at the moment and something that Mike Figgis intends to explore and document on film throughout the weekend.

Deloitte Ignite 2011



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