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Conchetinas interview by Bruno Juan Gomez

Who is Conchetinas and what do they do?
Conchetinas is a band of three girls who does performance, paintings , sculptures, installations and music… We live and work in Buenos Aires

Are you a sect?
No.. we are a band of insects

How is it like working as a group?
Fun and difficult

What is going on in Argentina in terms of art, please tell us….
Artists are walking naked on the streets and they are growing wings in their feet… its crazy!

Do you argue often working as a group?
> Everytime we argue less… because we know each other more and we became more tollerant.

Do you sell enough to live from your work?

Are you feminists?
Feminist post feminism.

Tell us about your performances.
You tell us !

What about your main influences?
The universe. mysticism, fashion, art, the world each of us perceive..

Plans for the near future?
We are working in our first musical project… we have a band that is called LAVIAL and we are producing our first single. Its fun because we are working with a lot of interesting people and in a total new world. We are planing a show in L.A followed by a road trip

Coming to England soon?

Local artists from you like (from Buenos Aires)
sebastian bonnet, provisorio permanente, oligatega numeric, fernanda laguna, valentina liernur, rosa chancho, vicente grondona, jill mulleady

The best pet ever would be… For me (Alina) a turtle

Meaning of life ?
Embrace all the meanings you find and dance with them

Meaning of Death?
Dead people never talk about that

What’s next?
A lot !

What are you doing after this interview?
Going to the studio….




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