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StandART Video Series

This is a teaser for the 2nd edition of the StandART video series available on the TVs at The Standard hotels in New York, Miami, Downtown LA and Hollywood. Curated by Creative Time and showcasing video installations by international contemporary artists.

StandART presents 7 works from the following artists, with subject matter ranging from music and dance, to social commentary, to live bunny narratives.

Terence Koh (Rabbit Holy Days);
Kalup Linzy (Labisha’s Bonus Track and Sit Down Child);
Allison Schulnik (Forest);
Andrew Cross (Prelude from The Solo);
Naomi Fisher (Myakka);
Estefanía Peñafiel Loaiza (Sans Titre Paysaye); and
Slater Bradley (The Abandonments)




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