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Other Criteria Release Unique Damien Hirst Skateboard Decks

Other Criteria at the Hinde Street store have a collection of 40 skateboard decks designed by Damien Hirst and embellished with an original signed drawing added by the artist in 2011.

The 40 decks are part of a larger batch of around 200, all are to be released by Other Criteria in store on July 12th at 6pm until 8pm. Produced in collaboration with skateboard specialist Supreme in 2009, each custom printed skateboard deck has a signature stamp and features an iconic Hirst design print. The artwork was inspired by Hirst’s Spin paintings made on a spinning circular surface and the graphic Spot paintings depicting rows of coloured circles.

These rare, highly collectable decks will be available exclusively at Other Criteria. The hand-decorated decks will be priced at £1,200 inc vat, the larger batch of 200 will be £480 inc vat.

The skateboard decks will be on show at the exhibition Public Domaine – Skateboard Culture – at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris from early July until August 7th 2011.
To receive an email reminding you when they become available, go to www.othercriteria.com/login and sign up.



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