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GO SEE: ‘The Menagerie’, a group show at Art Work Space

23rd May – 24th June 2011
The Menagerie is a group show that brings together the work of four female British artists: Fran Giffard, Ella Johnston, Izzie Klingels and Susie Wright.

The exhibition of drawings and prints has been curated by Art Work Space Gallery Director Naomi Murtagh, who was fascinated by the way the individual artists uniquely explore different levels of fantasy or realism, whilst having all developed their work from the same source inspiration: nature.

Fran Giffard uses digital images to create her compositions, which she then draws with graphite pencil. Using only horizontal lines and creating intense contrasts in colour, she gives the work a print-like quality, despite each drawing being a one-off. Focusing on animals and nature, the artist also explores natural patterns and has created collections based around specific species or habitat.

Ella Johnston’s practice reflects a long-standing interest in natural found objects and beauty discovered in everyday environments. Recently she has explored the conjunctions between the natural world, the man-made and the political through an investigation of the plant and animal life that co-exists with humans in the built environment.

Izzie Klingels works predominately in pen and ink, in a distinctive pointillist style, but has recently begun experimenting with digital animation and embracing colour in her art. Klingels is inspired by nature, traditional folk illustration, fairy tales and psychedelia – and the content and style of her work continues to evolve as she opens herself to further influences including experimental film and surrealism.

Susie Wright is inspired by natural and architectural history, particularly that of Scotland, where she grew up. She mixes digital techniques with drawing, photography and screen-printing to create her unique, elaborate work, which often presents the viewer with layers of imagery waiting to be uncovered.
Presenting some of today’s most exciting British artists, ‘The Menagerie’ at Art Work Space offers an insight into these new interpretations on the most ancient of themes.

www.frangiffard.com, www.ellajohnston.co.uk, www.izzieklingels.com,



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