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PLAYER PLAYER PLAYER Group Show at Poppy Sebire Private view: Thursday 10th March 2011

Image:Matt Calderwood, still from ‘Suspension’, video
Matt Calderwood, Matt Golden, Edward Clive, Peter Liversidge,Alan Currall, Lee Regan Exhibition continues: 11 March – 9 April 2011

In a month of seasonal and economic gloom, Poppy Sebire’s latest show offers a little light relief. Player Player Player brings together six artists who use wit, slapstick, and a healthy sense of the absurd to come at the world from a fresh and playful angle. Never earnest, but often surprisingly incisive, theirs is work that’ll make you smile and make you think, and leave the gallery feeling slightly better.1

Matt Golden’s works include a piece of paper stroked over several months to make one corner rise in a curl, and white hairs plucked from his head and formed into a spider’s web. In this show, he’s displaying an upside-down postcard with a surprise in the sky.

Lee Regan’s Fail is a ladder mounted horizontally at head height and attached to a motor so it swings continually in a circular arc through the gallery space. You have been warned.

Matt Calderwood’s Suspension, is an unrehearsed, filmed experiment in which everyday objects are balanced in an ever- more ludicrous and precarious arrangement, with the looming threat of disaster making for an unexpectedly gripping watch.

Alan Currall’s video piece, Lying about myself in order to appear more interesting is a shambling and shambolically-filmed monologue by one of the artist’s many tragi-comic alter egos.

Edward Clive’s installation apes a traditional museum display, but one in which the works exhibited are pages of a sculpture textbook on sculpture from which all the sculptures have been digitally erased.

And Peter Liversidge’s work is a series of proposals for spectacular artistic projects, written up on an old manual typewriter and hung on the gallery walls. Some of them even get carried out.




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