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*One Too Watch: Iain Andrews

With a New York Collector and London galleries all vying for Iain Andrews’ attention, all of his works are set to see an increase in value of almost 100% – within the week – and in the case of some paintings, even a little more.

You can see some of Iain’s Available work over at NewbloodArt

About Iain Andrews
Steeped in art history, tradition and mythology these paintings are wildly original. We love Andrews’ joyous handling of paint. His paintings make the world look as though it is made of wax and then the sun has come out. It’s easy to see why Saatchi selected him as one of 12 emerging artists featured in BBC 2’s ‘School of Saatchi’ series.

“My paintings begin as a dialogue with an image from art history – a painting by an Old Master that may then be rearranged or used as a starting point from which to playfully but reverently deviate. My recent work is concerned with the struggle to capture the relationship between the spiritual and the sensual, apparent opposites that are expressed in my work through the conflict of high narrative themes and sensuous painterly marks.

The sheer enjoyment of making these marks is not intended to be a Dionysian pursuit that drowns out the appearance of the real through a curtain of subjective, expressionistic gestures, but rather an attempt to transform and redeem the form through the act of making. The act of making becomes inseparable from the message that is being conveyed through the marks – one of the importance of transformation and redemption.

It is vital that pictures are not sedatives, but are capable of evoking sensation and awakening feelings. I hope to frustrate the process of recognition through treading a path that plays between the borders of figuration and abstraction, and thus slow down the viewer by creating a space for sensation to emerge. I want my works to be sensuously addictive, worldly and material, yet also to have a sense of contemplative silence akin to a religious icon.”



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