EINE Art work Given to President Obama by David Cameron

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EINE Art work Given to President Obama by David Cameron

FAD Favourite EINE has had a work of art presented to President Obama by David Cameron.
Ben Eine’s artwork given to President Obama by David Cameron.To demonstrate they share a common taste in contemporary art.

The Telegraph Says ;

Ben Eine’s colourful typographic works might be known to the street art aficionados of Shoreditch and Spitalfields, but his name is hardly in the same league as Banksy, the elusive but publicity-conscious graffiti artist.

Eine’s handmade screen prints sell for as little as £100; his paintings don’t go for more than £7,500.

Last night Eine said he was “shocked” when he recently received a call from Number 10.

The Downing Street official claimed Mr Cameron was a fan of his work, and asked if he would mind if the Prime Minister gave the US President one of them. He donated Twenty First Century City.

“My initial reaction was, ‘Are you having a laugh?’ “ said Eine.

The painting, a three feet by two feet canvas, was chosen by aides from a selection.

Eine thought the Prime Minister – or the aides – had done their homework as Mr Obama was known to have a soft-spot for street art.
One, American designer Frank Shephard Fairy, even helped propel him to power with the now famous Hope poster from the 2008 presidential campaign, a stencil portrait in red, white and blue.

Eine commented:
“I don’t think Cameron would have picked my paintings if he was giving something to George Bush.”

Despite working on some large commercial projects, he described himself as a “one-man band” operation, forced to move out of London to Hastings to afford a place big enough for his wife and three children.
“I’m a long way from being a Damien Hirst,” he said.

He estimated that his painting, if sold through a gallery, would be worth a few thousand pounds. But Number 10 convinced him to give it away for free.
The artist didn’t mind though.
“Perhaps I’ve got the best deal of the lot.”

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courtesy of The1234
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