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Art Barter BERLIN June 24-27th, 2010

The Platform For Exchange Between Artists And The Public
After the successful launch of its first show in London last year, which featured artists such as Tracey Emin, Gary Hume, Mat Collishaw and Gavin Turk; Art Barter has now landed in Berlin. Our second event will be held from June 24th to 27th in conjunction with the .HBC space on the Alexanderplatz, and will showcase the work of 25 Berlin based established and emerging artists such as Jonathan Monk, Jason Dodge and Uwe Henneken.

The Art Barter event revolves around the idea that artwork will be acquired by individuals through alternative means to money. Artists have always been familiar with the use of barter, from Picasso exchanging sketches for his meals, to hotels accepting art as payment for rent. However, the Art Barter event is unique in its promotion of such a form of exchange in the current art market, and in the lasting working relationships that are being born out of it. Some of the exchanges that were made last year were 3 months of psychotherapy; website design; 30 hours of French tuition and an all expense paid trip for two to a retreat in the South of France. It even resulted in some artists exchanging with each other such as Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s piece for Gary Hume’s ‘Pink Snowman’.

There is a catch at Art Barter where you will not know which artwork belongs to which artist until after the show’s end. This creates a gamble for the public and will make people value the art for what it really is. What’s more, Art Barter allows art to become available to a more diverse crowd than just those with disposable income and it is a fun and interactive way to become involved. Having to barter also entices the viewer think about what they have that is unique to offer the artist.

So whether you have a special talent or skill to offer or something that may be desirable to others, or if you just wish to view a great exhibition and try your luck with bartering, come down and become part of Art Barter Berlin!



Jonathan Monk, Jason Dodge, Uwe Henneken, John Isaacs, Evgeni Dybsky, Wolfgang Ganter, Yudi Noor, Sophie Holstein, Stefan Rinck, Haralampi Oroschakoff, Zhivago Duncan, Isabelle Graeff, John Kleckner, Alejandro Moncada, Charlotte Dualé, Stephan Balleux, Melissa Frost, Sergio Roger, Yukiko Terada etc…

Thursday June 24th from 6pm –
Performance by Gabriel Loebell Herberstein (Member of Gelitin)
Absolut Vodka cocktails from 6-9pm
DJ JET LETTS 9pm – late

Friday June 25th 7pm – 9pm
Special screening of video works in the .HBC cinema
Including work by Cyprien Gaillard – full program to be announced shortly

Venue: Ground floor of the .HBC Project Space (www.hbc-berlin.de)
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Dates:June 24th – Launch night, 6pm – late June 25th to 27th – Open to the public, Fri/Sat 11am–8pm, Sun 12-9pm

Art Barter London Event www.fadwebsite.com
Art barter Review
Art Barter Promo Video www.fadwebsite.com



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