The Platform For Exchange Between Artists And The Public from 27th November

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Curators Lauren Jones and Alix Janta are organising a show featuring work from 50 London based established and emerging artists.The list includes;
Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Mat Collishaw, Gary Hume, Abigail Lane, Polly Morgan, Boo Saville, Abigail Fallis and Paul Fryer. The event will open its doors on the 27th of November to the 29th of November and will be held at the Rag Factory in east London, the former studio of Tracey Emin and Gary Hume.

The Art Barter event revolves around the idea that artwork will be acquired by individuals through alternative means to money. Artists have always been familiar with the use of barter. From Picasso exchanging sketches for his meals, to hotels (such as The Chelsea Hotel in NY) accepting art as payment for rent and select YBA’s having tabs at restaurants such as The Ivy in exchange for pieces of their work to adorn the restaurant walls. However, the ArtBarter event is unique because it is the only exhibition to promote such a form of exchange amongst a wide array of artists and the general public all at once.

There is a catch at Art Barter where you will not know which artwork belongs to which artist until after the show’s end. This will create a gamble for the public and will make people value the art for what it really is, not for the name or price tag that formerly was attached.

As curator Lauren Jones says
“We want to make art available to a more diverse crowd, not just people with disposable income. ArtBarter is the perfect setting to make this happen, whilst also providing a fun way to get people involved with the arts.

So whether you have a special talent or skill to offer or something unused that may be desirable to others; or if you just wish to view a great exhibition and try your luck with bartering, come down and become part of ‘Art Barter’.

The event is being sponsored by Green & Black’s who will be showcasing a piece of ‘Chocol’art’ made by Sir Peter Blake.


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One thought on “The Platform For Exchange Between Artists And The Public from 27th November

  1. Hello,

    I recently came across this article and wanted to share our story. My boyfriend and I have been on a traveling adventure for nearly two years. We trade oil paintings for accommodations in vacation homes. Our Art Swaps have been primarily in the US and recently in the South of France. Our wild and crazy story is attached below.


    p e n e l o p e and a a r o n

    Modern Day Vagabonds

    ARTISTS AARON MEMMOTT AND PENELOPE MOORE have been traveling the country on a painting adventure for nearly a year, while paying next-to-nothing for their accommodations. They gave up their permanent residence and jobs in Savannah, GA–where Memmott had a full time faculty position as a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design–to set sail on what has become an unpredictable and rewarding undertaking. They aren’t homeless, and they don’t live in hovels. They have been trading their artwork to stay in vacation rentals and second homes. With perseverance, planning, hard work and talent they have successfully pitched a win-win art swap proposal to friends, collectors and total strangers. Thus far, they have had a tremendous response.

    The couple started their journey in Utah and made their first trade in June, when they swapped their paintings for a chic, downtown Salt Lake City apartment. Next, they lived in an upscale condo at the Canyons Resort in Park City during the remainder of summer and fall. They recently spent two weeks in Albuquerque in a rustic hillside retreat, while they exhibited their work at the Downtown Arts Festival. They are currently residing in a luxurious mountain hideaway in Heber City where they are developing a brand new body of work. They have upcoming swaps planned this spring on the coast of Washington, downtown Portland, OR and in Bodega Bay, CA. Landlords across the nation, and as far away as Martha’s Vineyard, Costa Rica and Germany, have offered to trade living accommodations for their paintings. “In a world of uncertainty, it was a gamble,” says Moore, “but we wanted to devote our time exclusively to nurturing and building our fine art careers.” While they travel and avoid the cost of rent, their ultimate goal is to save money from their painting sales to build a custom home and studio that would be conducive for painting and conducting workshops.

    The couple decided to begin in Utah because Moore grew up in Salt Lake City and Memmott attended the University of Utah where he received his BFA in Fine Art. “We were going with the wind,” says Moore. “We got here and we put our brakes on. Now we’re trying to stay. The West is where we belong .” Before moving to Savannah, Memmott received his MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he also taught for three years. Moore also received her BFA from the Academy of Art University.

    Memmott’s canvases are essentially urban. He uses a rich palette to paint scenes of glowing streetlights, nightlife, neighborhood intersections, wet reflective streets in signature parts of town, with an emphasis on perspective and light. He frequently paints dynamic diptych and triptych panoramas of the towns and cities he visits.

    Moore also paints her surroundings, but instead of cityscapes, she focuses on still-life and interiors. Her inspiration often begins in social settings such as candle lit restaurants and trendy lounges. She often depicts the way a wineglass or table fork reflects the surrounding atmosphere and light. By painting her subjects larger-than-life, emphasizing abstracted shapes (usually found in distortions and reflections of glass and metal), skewing the perspective, and by pushing color Moore offers her viewers new and interesting ways to perceive commonly encountered places and objects.

    Memmott is currently writing an online course for the Savannah College of Art and Design and teaches evening art classes sponsored by the Park City School District to adults. Moore also teaches an advanced painting online course for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. When they’re not painting and teaching, they spend time tracking their gallery representation, assessing upcoming art festivals, shows and competitions, and working on their next equal-value trade of high quality original oil paintings for a place to prop their easels.

    For more info please visit their websites:


    Gallery MAR, Park City, UT–
    Chroma Art Gallery, Savannah, GA–
    Park Place Gallery, Leawood, KS–
    Alpine Art, Salt Lake City, UT–

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