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‘Tasters’ Choice,’ an exhibition of art and design at Stephen Friedman Gallery Through to 17th July

Six internationally renowned private collectors have been asked to act as curators and to each choose four artists who play key roles in the formation of their collections. To showcase each selection, six separate domestic environments have been especially created by American interior designer and private furniture dealer Vance Trimble. They include an entrance hall, a study, a library, a bedroom, a sitting room and a dining room.

Every room is carefully furnished with specially chosen and rare mid-century design pieces, most from Scandinavia, including a rare unique Finn Juhl sideboard, wooden tables by Poul Kjaerholm, four-shade pendant lamps in amber glass by Poul Henningson, carpets by van da Silva Bruhns and Marion Dorn and works by female designers such as Grete Jalk and Eileen Gray. The wide range of established and emerging artists included suggest some of the idiosyncrasies of personal taste and the influence the artists themselves have played in the structure of these six collections.

Image:Untitled (Black Door I)’ – Jim Hodges, 2010
Black mirror, Right panel 180.3 x 113cm, Left panel 208.3 x 152.4cm (71 x 44 1/2in, 82 x 60in)

‘Tasters’ Choice’ offers an insight into the private worlds of the tastemakers, whose influence can be seen in the evolution of museums and collections worldwide. Each of these collectors plays a different but instrumental role in the wider art context, as foundation directors, private benefactors, patrons and confidants. By participating in this exhibition, the ‘tasters’ share with us their depth of knowledge and contribute a highly intimate but personal curatorial vision.

Dimitris Daskalopoulos (Athens)
Amanda and Glenn Fuhrman (New York)
Agnes and Edward Lee (London)
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky (Dallas, Texas)
Susana and Ricardo Steinbruch (Sao Paulo)
Joel Wachs (New York)

Image:Untitled (Mental Map: Evasion III) – Franz Ackermann, 1996
Oil on canvas, 280 x 285cm (110 1/4 x 112 1/8in)

Franz Ackermann, James Lee Byars, Paul Chan, Savvas Christodoulides, Marcelo Cidade, Raoul de Keyser, Carroll Dunham, Tom Friedman, Ewan Gibbs, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jim Hodges, William Kentridge, Tetsumi Kudo, Andrew Lord, Agnes Martin, Katy Moran, Rivane Neuenschwander, Gabriel Orozco, Ed Ruscha, Alan Saret, Mira Schendel, Rudolf Stingel, Christopher Williams and Steve Wolfe.




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