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Rana Begum – Fractured Symmetry at Bischoff/Weiss art Opening Tuesday May 18th 2010

Image:No. 216, Paint on powder-coated aluminium, 78 x 255 x 5 cm

Begum’s work sits between wall based and three-dimensional forms, occupying the space between sculpture and painting. From a distance each work can appear as a single imposing white surface, blending with the gallery’s white walls. On closer inspection, these structures reveal a succession of perfectly aligned powder-coated aluminium bars. On each side of the lengths are pristine slabs of contrasting colour, which creates a layer of opposing geometry. The light hits and reflects these hues, generating uncontrolled compositions and nuances of colour.

Disrupted angles define the perimeter of each piece and mark a definite transition from Begum’s previous work. These shapes were achieved through a specific rational of limited inward folds on regular A4 sized paper sheets. The outer edges then inform the inner geometry, creating the overlapping triangles of colour that shift and merge as the viewer passes the work.

Rana Begum’s inspiration is taken from the built and urban environment, taking cues from the intricate systems in her surroundings, translating the chaos of their broken down sequences and repetitions into abstract meditative sculptures. While hard and defined, in the gallery the subtlety of these works convey a sense of purposeful expansion, inviting the viewer to reflect not only on the city beyond, but also on how they find their own place within it.




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