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Incarnations II at Galerie Paris-Beijing in Beijing, China till the 1st of June 2010

The Galerie Paris-Beijing is proud to present the works of Cang Xin, Zhu Ming, and new photographs from Li Wei and Liu Bolin in the group show « Incarnations II». Incarnation as a person is the manifestation of an abstract notion through human characteristics; here, it is the social and political scopes that are personified through the artists’ bodies.
The four artists share the same aspiration to create art using their own bodies. From the legendary first generation performance artists from the Yuanmingyuan and the East Artist villages such as Zhu Ming and Cang Xin, to the celebrated artists Li Wei and Liu Bolin, they are the present force pushing the boundaries of Chinese contemporary photographic performance. Filled with symbolism, the artworks reveal a fierce criticism of politics, authority and propaganda as well as the determination to denounce social issues that are tearing their country apart and could jeopardize the future, its future, our future…

The performance photographs of Cang Xin, Zhu Ming, Li Wei and Liu Bolin have been shown and acclaimed worldwide in countless institutions and medias. Galerie Paris-Beijing will show a wide selection of their most recent and distinguished works.




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