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The Last Production Polaroid Camera Kit

After Polaroid announced it was stopping production on the iconic camera technology, avid fans have struggled with the news. Now, after Polaroid moved on to digital versions, Urban Outfitters will soon sell a limited edition kit include the last production run of Type 779 instant film and Polaroid ONE600 cameras.

Only 700 sets will be sold and hopefully the Impossible Project can get the production of film up and running by next year so these retail collections won’t be the last of the original Polaroid lineage. The kits are spread across US and UK stores, though finding one will mean wrestling with the die hard fans out there. via (PSFK)



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Wim Wenders, Surf City, N. Carolina, (1973), C-print, 60 x 78 cm. Courtesy Blain|Southern, © Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders’ ghostly and picturesque polaroids

Blain|Southern gallery in London just presented its show on some early photographs by the acclaimed film-maker Wim Wenders. It is an incredible occasion to discover a new side of this all-embracing artist, and to see for the first time some of his archival polaroids!

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