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Sorrel and Laura’s Re:::lay Project

Bumped into Canadian artist Laura Nanni yesterday in Sheffield, on Machon Bank, she was chalking more messages on the ground, I’d come across a couple earlier and they were meaningful for me – ‘Keep going til you reach the bigger view’ was the first one I saw… as I have a lot of questions for life at the moment I took it to heart and thought about it, I felt it was an important message and even felt good about it. When I spoke to her and her friends they explained a bit about the project called Re:::lay and Laura wrote the address of the blog for me. http://www.sorrelandlaura.blogspot.com
On the page there is more information about the project which is about connecting with people over distances and understanding places, they invite you to contribute your thoughts and even send a postcard to someone you miss describing how it feels and how you measure it. If you send it to Sorrel and Laura they will send one back.



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