Could you be a Russellette?

Russell Herron is always looking for boys and girls to help with ongoing art project:

The Brief:
The Russellettes is an ongoing, occasional and irregular project by artist Russell Herron. The Russellettes is a group of individuals who appear at private views, performances, launches and other events. Theyare recognisable by their branded RUSSELL HERRON T-shirts which they always wear. Their presence lies somewhere between performance, live art, Happening, installation, Warholian Superstardom, Duchampian Readymade and social networking.

Being a Russellette means only that you wear a Russell Herron T shirt
(provided) with whatever else you want and attend a private view as
agreed with Russell in advance. You do not need to do anything except
be there. You do not have to perform or act, or respond in anyway that
doesn’t feel comfortable to you. You must be confident and at ease with
having your photo taken. Currently looking for people to attend shows
coming up in the next few months. You do not need to do more than one
unless you enjoy the experience so much (!!) and want to become a
Russellette for longer! Sorry, there’s no fee, but I can pay any travel
expenses etc. and you get to keep the T shirt…
More info:

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