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Domestic Appliance at Flowers East & 3am Eternal@LTB Foundation

Thursday July 31st
3 a.m. Eternal (after): an exploration of club culture
In collaboration with the Super Super magazine, Alexandre Pollazzon and SuperSteve present 3 a.m. Eternal (after). The show addresses the experience of nightclubbing and presents a series of works by artists who have been influenced by contemporary club culture.
6-11pm, info: www.ltbfoundation.org more info on the show here LINK
Also Tonight
Flowers East, Domestic Appliance, group show, 6-8pm, info: www.flowerseast.com
Glenys Barton,Glen Baxter,John Bellany,George Blacklock,Boyd & Evans,Edward Burtynsky,Stephen Chambers,Bernard Cohen,Ken Currie,Anthony Earnshaw,Jane Edden,Amanda Faulkner,Noel Forster,John Gibbons,Kleio Gizeli,Friedemann Hahn,David Hepher,Josef Herman,Nicola Hicks,Roger Hilton,Derek Hirst,Carole Hodgson,Peter Howson,Patrick Hughes,Claerwen James,Neil Jeffries,Lucy Jones,John Keane
Michael Kidner,John Kirby,Tim Lewis,John Loker,Paul Neagu,Jiro Osuga,Freya Payne,Tom Phillips,Robert Polidori,Steve Pyke,Carol Robertson,Tai-Shan Schierenberg,Jack Smith,Richard Smith,Trevor Sutton
Renny Tait,Brian Wall,Gary Wragg



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