Miami Art Museum Presents Sean Duffy

Los Angeles-based artist Sean Duffy, best known for fusing multiple turntables into functional, mutant single players, is creating an installation specifically for his upcoming exhibition at Miami Art Museum. “The new work is inspired by California pop culture of the 60s,” said Assistant Director for Programs/Senior Curator Peter Boswell, “complete with a zebra-striped Toyota Land Cruiser, densely layered logos reminiscent of the era’s “custom car” culture and fire engine red gas containers that double as music players.

“At the center of Duffy’s work is a fascination with the phenomenon of repetition, the cyclical reoccurrence of movements in popular culture as well as in art, and such connected strategies as recycling and sampling. From these explorations Duffy questions the relationships between the original and the copy, between the authentic and the knock-off, and the sense of detachment that happens each time something is repeated or recycled.”

Sean Duffy is organized by Miami Art Museum and curated by Assistant Director for Programs/Senior Curator Peter Boswell as part of New Work, a series of projects by leading contemporary artists.

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