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Russell Herron Picks of the week

Tuesday July 8th
Faggionato, National Geographic, group show with: Maria von Köhler, Alain Miller, John Summers, John Tiney, 6-8pm info: www.faggionato.com
Beyond the Valley, book launch, When Fletcher and Hay Met…, 6.30-8.30pm, info: www.beyondthevalley.com

Wednesday July 9th
Madder 139, Paul Chiappe, 6-8pm, info: www.madder139.com
Ferreira Projects, Hypocrite's Lament and The Drain Of Progress by South African Artists Julia Rosa Clark and Zander Blom, 6-8pm, info: www.ferreiraprojects.com
Artprojx Space, Aura Satz, Automamusic, film photography drawing, 6-9pm, info: www.artprojxspace.com
Thursday July 10th
Seventeen, Graham Dolphin, 6 Sheet, 6-9pm, info: www.seventeengallery.com
Portman Gallery,  Carny Town, curated by Space Station 65, 4-8pm, with performances by Mark McGowan, Charlie Fox and WebsterGotts, vegetarian hot dogs and traditional funfair
steam organ. Info: www.spacestationsixtyfive.com www.portmangallery.blogspot.com
Forster, Group: Focus I: Henrick Simonsen, New Works by Andrew Mcattee, Xenz, James Roper, Zebedee Helm, Carrie Reichardt & Matthew Mcguinness, 6-9pm, info: www.forstergallery.com
South London, Games and Theory, 6.30-8.30pm, info: www.southlondongallery.org
Haunch of Venison, Mat Collishaw, Shooting Stars, 6-8pm, info: www.haunchofvenison.com

Friday July 11th
The Others – FREAKY FRANKIE, Top floor, 6 and 8 Manor Road (nr Stoke Newington station) London N16 5SA, 6pm-late, curated by Infinity Bunce, includes work by Infinity Bunce, Espira, Francis Potter, Donkey Head and John Purnell, Ben Roberts, with private view appearances by: performance art: Raul Pina, Ben Roberts; film: Jon Purnell;  music/bands: Tommy and The Juice, Lonesome Cowboys from Hell. Tel: Infinity Bunce: 07961 452703
info@theothers.uk.com or infobunce@gmail.com
Absorb Arts Open Studios, 6-9pm, info: www.absorb-arts.co.uk
You should be in Northampton for this:
Fishmarket, Hugh Mendes, An Existential Itch, 2001-2008, 6-10pm, info: www.fishmarketgallery.co.uk



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