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Yichun Huang’s Creative Journey-Multi Dimensional Colour Healing World

Yichun Huang, a Chinese-born artist with a background in fine art, has embarked on a unique artistic journey that seamlessly merges Eastern and Western influences, traditional painting, and cutting-edge digital techniques. Born in China and educated at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, Yichun Huang’s exploration of various contemporary art forms, from installations to soft sculptures, has evolved into a profound engagement with the fusion of digital and traditional painting

Yichun Huang Solo Exhibition at the Asian Art in London in Cromwell Place London, 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2023

The onset of the pandemic compelled Yichun Huang to adapt her artistic process, leading her to embrace the iPad as a tool for her digital painting creations. The resulting shift marked a significant transformation in her work, for example “Still Life” and “Pink Petals”.

Still Life, digital, Yichun Huang, 2023
Pink petals, digital, Yichun Huang, 2023

Yichun Huang’s initial foray into digital painting in London sparked her interest in Western mysticism and sacred geometry. This fascination manifested in a series of digital paintings and animations featuring cubes, reflecting her belief in the harmonious convergence of Eastern concepts, such as the five elements, and Western philosophical notions like the four elements. Her art becomes a visual language, bridging cultural gaps and conveying universal truths.

Sacred geometry, digital, Yichun Huang, 2023 

The Florence Biennale and a solo exhibition at the Asian Art in London provided platforms for Yichun Huang to showcase her philosophy of the five elements and Chinese mythology series. During these exhibitions, she navigated the intricate relationship between sacred geometry, humanity, and the synthesis of digital and traditional painting. This search for connections became apparent as she returned to traditional painting, viewing it as a continuum rather than a departure from her digital exploration.

Her solo exhibition during the Asian Art in London week in 2023 not only featured digital art but also underlined her commitment to exploring the intersections of digital and traditional mediums. This commitment was further emphasized in a series of talks she delivered at the Asian Art in London exhibition, offering attendees insights into her artistic journey.

Yichun Huang Talk at the Asian Art in London in Cromwell Place London, 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2023

In the talk titled “Multi-Dimensional Colour Healing World,” Yichun Huang explored the transformative power of colors within a multi-dimensional context, drawing on her background in fine arts and digital media. Her ability to transcend the visual realm and harness colors as tools for healing and expression underscores her mastery in merging traditional and digital sensibilities.

The talk titled “A Multi-Dimensional Journey from Sacred Geometry to Present” provided a captivating narrative of Yichun Huang’s artistic evolution. Her insightful discussion showcased the symbiotic relationship she has forged between ancient principles and contemporary mediums, emphasizing the interconnectedness of her artistic exploration.

Lastly, the talk on “Deities in Chinese Mythology Headed by Dragons” delved into the rich tapestry of Chinese mythology, unveiling the spiritual and artistic connections embedded in her creations. Yichun Huang’s unique lens offered a deeper understanding of the cultural influences shaping her work.

Yichun Huang’s ability to articulate the philosophical underpinnings of her art adds layers of depth to her thought-provoking creations. Her seamless navigation between tradition and innovation serves as a reminder that, even in the digital age, art can provide a path to primal simplicity. In the fusion of digital and art sensibilities, Yichun Huang’s work stands as a testament to the enduring power of creativity and its capacity to transcend cultural boundaries.



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