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MoMA launches collaborative global digital Postcard Project MoMA Postcard.

MOMA launches collaborative global digital Postcard Project MOMA Postcard.

On November 15th MoMA will launch a global community project built with Bitmark on the Autonomy app.

An experiment in collective creativity on blockchain, MoMA Postcard invites anyone to collaborate, learn, and experiment with web3 technologies and create NFT art.

Akin to a digital chain letter and echoing Joseph Beuys’ idea of “social sculpture,” each Postcard is designed collaboratively. Stamp by stamp, person by person, the aesthetics and ownership of the Postcard develop until all 15 stamps have been designed, signed, and minted to the blockchain. The 15 stampers receive equal ownership rights to the Postcard. Fellow stampers can track their shared Postcard along its journey, chat with their Postcard community in an encrypted chat room, and peruse other Postcard creations. A dynamic interface for social exchange, each Postcard serves as a micro-community within the broader Postcard community.

Art is extremely open, it can be different things at different times. It can mean something unique to everyone. I’m always excited about diverse art ecologies and communities. I’m always excited about encouraging people to draw with each other. The MoMA Postcard project creates a way for us to connect with others, to build and create new relationships. The art here is in the interaction and social play. 

— Casey Reas
MOMA launches collaborative global digital Postcard Project MOMA Postcard.

With MoMA Postcard, we hope to facilitate dialogue and cultivate a creative space that inspires meaningful connections within and across communities.

MoMA Postcard First 15

To Kick off the project MOMA asked 15 artists working at the intersection of art and technology to create their own set of postcards, which launched on Oct 3rd. Each creator started with a blank card for which they devised their own prompt. The 15 cards were then passed around all 15 artists, accumulating new stamps as they traversed the globe. In total, the First 15 postcards traversed 35 cities, 11 countries, and five continents.

First 15 Artists: Kim Asendorf, Peter Burr, Dmitri Cherniak, Linda Dounia, Sarah Friend, LoVid, Anna Lucia, Operator, Osinachi, p1xelfool, Ykxotkx, Casey Reas, IX Shells, Sasha Stiles, and Grant Yun.

How It Works- watch the video


Participate: moma.org/MOMApostcard/



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