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Fashion Fights Cancer Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fashion Fights Cancer‘s Breast Cancer fundraiser is now live until October 23rd, coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The fundraiser is being held on the Auction Collective’s website

DFR BUSTO Plated resin, varnish, metal, 10 x 3 x 3”, 2022 The piece comes from the “Donald Fuck Redemption” Series and is unique one of a kind. Every collector can choose from a variety of colors to mix and match the top and bottom pieces and create their own DFR Busto sculpture. Once the color combination is created, it will be the only version of the sculpture ever produced. This particular version is a unique combination and has a special detail secretly added to the piece, to be discovered once delivered (not displayed on the picture).

Donations to the fundraiser can be made through the purchase of an item auctioned on the site or to the donation page where all proceeds will go towards breast cancer research and awareness initiatives,
furthering FFC’s mission to make a meaningful impact on this cause.

The auction located on the Auction Collective’s website is available until – October 23rd, where donations by FFC supporters such as Fidia Falaschetti, Burt Glinn, Leonard Freed, Rick Owens, Naeem Khan, Mara Hoffman, Ashley Longshore, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Patrick Cupid, Benedetta Bruzziches, Rebecca Minkoff, Dawn Levy and more are available for purchase in support of the fundraiser. Please visit the auction website HERE

About Fashion Fights Cancer

FFC was founded to act as a sanctuary for cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones. In collaboration with local communities, impactful brands, hospitals, therapists, and international
fashion houses, FFC seeks to empower those who have been affected by the devastating illness
of cancer in any way, shape or form throughout the United States and internationally.

Fashion Fights Cancer’s (FFC) mission is to nurture the minds, bodies and souls of cancer
patients and survivors as well as all communities dealing with mental health through fashion and
design-oriented activities. FFC is a non-profit organization that galvanizes the support of New
York City and the international fashion community to raise awareness and funds for cancer
research. The organization executes various initiatives including therapeutic programs, health
symposiums, eCommerce and retail partnerships, special events, and fundraisers to execute our
mission. Fashion Fights Cancer engages the medical and fashion communities to help combat
this disease.

Most recently, Fashion Fights Cancer held a series of design masterclasses at their new design
space at Berkeley College for cancer patients and survivors with luxury RTW designer Patrick
Cupid instructing the class. The design space has provided attendees with a source of inspiration
and empowerment while simultaneously giving them the tools and assistance to explore the
creativity they have through designing as a form of therapy.



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