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Tate acquires new works at Frieze with the Frieze Tate Fund 2023.

Santiago Yahuarcani, The Spirit of the Camala 2023. © the artist. Photo: Tate

The following works have been acquired for Tate’s collection thanks to the Frieze Tate Fund 2023 supported by Endeavor:

Tessa Boffin (1960–1993) 
Angelic Rebels: Lesbians and Safer Sex 1989/ 2023 
(Group of five prints) 
Archival inkjet prints 
Dimensions: 864 x 714 mm unframed, 883 x 730 x 480 mm framed 
Acquired from Hales Gallery  

Adam Farah-Saad (b.1991) 

Stell 6-person wash fountain, KA Grape Soda, water pump 

T!M£ (2 GROW UP MIX) 2023 
Low pile cream carpet, clear PVC sheet covering, brass carpet trim 

Pine dado rail, wood varnish 
Two gym benches 

Two traumatised young men connect whilst roaming the city of London, helping each other to survive…(THE INNER CHILDREN MIX) 2023 
Wall mounted half-rack, koshi wind chimes, poppers, brass chains  
Dimensions variable 
Acquired from Public Gallery 

Ayoung Kim (b.1979) 

Delivery Dancer’s Sphere 2022 
Video, high definition, projection, colour and sound 
Duration: 25 min 
Acquired from Gallery Hyundai 

Evening Peak Time is Back 2022 
Wallpaper (Collaboration with 1172 (webtoon artist)) 
Dimensions variable 
Acquired from Gallery Hyundai 

I Gusti Ayu Kadek Murniasih (Murni) (1966–2006) 

Making Pleasure 1998 
Bikin Kesenangan 
Acrylic paint on canvas 
Dimensions: 800 x 600 mm unframed, 860 x 640 x 40 mm framed 
Acquired from Gajah Gallery 

Santiago Yahuarcani (b.1961) 

The Spirit of the Camala 2023 
Espíritu de Camala 
Dye and paint on barkcloth 
Dimensions: 3150 x 2100 mm 
Acquired from Crisis Gallery

This is the eighth year that Endeavor has made available £150,000 for the Fund, set aside exclusively for the acquisition of works at Frieze for Tate’s collection. Since the fair launched 20 years ago, more than 160 works by over 100 artists have been acquired. These works have contributed to displays and exhibitions across Tate’s four galleries and beyond. Current examples include works by Mark Leckey, Rene Mati? and Veronica Ryan now on display in Tate Britain’s new rehang; Leonor Antunes, Tourmaline, Johanna Unzueta and Jack Whitten on show at Tate Modern; Lorna Simpson and Artur Zmijewski at Tate Liverpool, and Obiora Udechukwu at Tate St Ives.

Maria Balshaw, Director, Tate said:

As Frieze Art Fair celebrates its 20th year, it is wonderful to look back at the many outstanding works Tate has acquired here since 2003. Those works have since been enjoyed by millions of visitors to Tate’s galleries, and they will be cared for and shared with the public for generations to come. Thanks to Endeavor’s support, I am delighted that we can continue that tradition today by welcoming yet another brilliant selection of works into the collection.

This year’s Frieze Tate Fund selection panel includes Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Director of Kunstinstituut Melly, and Salma Tuqan, Director of Nottingham Contemporary alongside Tate’s Polly Staple (Director of Collection, British Art), Gregor Muir (Director of Collection, International Art), Dominique Heyse-Moore (Senior Curator, Contemporary British Art), Nathan Ladd (Curator, Contemporary British Art), Valentine Umansky (Curator, International Art), Amrita Dhallu (Assistant Curator, International Art) and Amy Emmerson Martin (Assistant Curator, Contemporary British Art).



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